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MillioNetworking – Network YOUR way to 7 figures

The goal is for you to meet the SEVEN PEOPLE that will move you exponentially closer to SEVEN FIGURES.

THIS is a NO BS environment. EVERYTHING that happens from the moment you enroll to attend an event is geared towards helping you EARN 7 figures or more.

Who is this for?

These events are designed for those who are SERIOUS about their 7 figure aspirations.
Those individuals who understand that your NETWORK is TRULY your NET WORTH!



WHY should I attend?

ZIG ZIGLAR says you can have EVERYTHING you want in life if you just help ENOUGH people get what they want. THAT is what MillioNetworking is about. Helping people connect with what they need to earn 7 figures so that you can connect to what you need to earn 7 figures.

How It Works

What will I receive with each ticket?

A Pre-Event Business Assessment
This assessment is designed to help you identify the areas of your business in which you need more SUPPORT and STRUCTURE so you can make MORE MONEY.

An opportunity for YOU to introduce yourself and your business
So NOT ONLY are you receiving the opportunity to network with who YOU NEED, others receive the opportunity to network with you and potentially become YOUR clients.

FREE 7 for 7 Networking Guide
To help you capture the information of who you need to
connect with AFTER the event is over.

FREE Access to our 100 BEST
Resources in Life and 100 BEST resources in Business.

Free Enrollment into the MILLIONETWORK
that gives you access to attend events in ANY other city for 50% off.

Receive a list of EVERYONE at the event, once the event is over.

Receive a COMPLIMENTARY business assessment review
call from one of our professionals once the event is over.

Complimentary training on 7 Figure Social Media.

How to create the perfect online network.

Lite Appetizers

Cash Bar

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MillioNetworking?
MillionNetworking is the ultimate event for those serious startups and entrepreneurs who understand that it’s not always WHAT you know but WHO you know that can catapult YOU and your business to the 6 of 7 figures that you desire.
What type of people can I expect to meet?
This event is for individuals just like YOU that want to make meaningful connections with people on the same journey. You will meet potential clients and also individuals that you need to grow YOUR business.
How do I register to attend?
Simply select the city you would like to attend, pay your registration and you are all set. No need to bring paper tickets as your name will automatically be added to the guest lists.
Are attendees screened?
While we don’t screen our attendees we do expect that EVERYONE handle themselves accordingly in business. Reports of unscrupulous behavior will be dealt with swiftly.
Are there limits on how many can attend?
Each event will host between 25 – 100 SERIOUS business owners and start ups.
What time should I show up for the Event?
MOST of our events start at 5pm and run until 10pm. In order to ensure you are able to get the MOST of this event we suggest you show up NO LATER than 5:30. Any changes to this general time will be on the cities event page.
How do I reserve my place?
Simply select your city from the menu for a listing of events in your area. Register online and you’re all set! No paper tickets are required. You will be sent a confirmation from us and your name will be noted on our Guest List.
Are booths or tables offered for businesses to promote at the event?
On occasion our 100 BEST Life and Business Participants may  host a table, however these opportunities are not available outside of that program.
What is the pre-event business assessment?
Our unique survey designed to help you identify key profit areas that need support so that you can come to the event KNOWING who you need to meet in order to shore up you bottom line.
What is the 7 for 7 Networking guide?
Our UNIQUE networking guide designed to help you keep up with the connections that you meet who need YOU and who YOU NEED.
How long does a MillioNetworking event last?
These events tend to last 4 – 5 hours, so that our guests can make REAL connections with those who are in attendance.
Can I come with my co-workers and/or associates?
The more the merrier, however in order to be seated together you may want to make arrangements to arrive around the same time.

For additional questions, feel free to contact us here!

*While this event is intended to connect individuals with 6 or 7 figure aspirations we make no claims that by simply attending this event you will reach those goals.

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